[AG-TECH] Tweaking video encoding and testing

Gary Orser orser at cns.montana.edu
Thu Mar 29 13:53:48 CST 2001

Hi all,

Both audio and video are up in a temporary 2 person space.

Any idea why I'm generating 800k at ~10fps of video, 
when others are getting 25fps at about 150k?

I've tried mucking with the slider bars in vic, but when I put
the max rate at 150k, I only get 1 or 2 fps??

Anybody available for a training startup run to teach
me the finer points of agnode protocol and etiquette.

Cheers, Gary
Gary Orser , (406) 994-6451, orser at nervana.montana.edu 
Montana State University
Center for Computational Biology
1 Lewis Hall, Bozeman MT, 59717

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