[AG-TECH] .vic.tcl documentation

Bob Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Mar 26 13:39:07 CST 2001

The right answer is to get your multicast fixed so you can use vrm, which
sets all of this for you :-). An additional correct answer is for us to
see if win4lin will actually work well for controlling the gentner; then
we can run linux on the control machine, and figure out how to make cloud
to cloud bridging work.

It's fairly tedious to get the video port setting right; I learned what I
did from grunking thru the vic tcl sources (vic/tcl/ui-resouce.tcl has the
initial settings of everything).


On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Don Morton wrote:

> Hi, is anybody able to point me to a definitive source on setting up
> .vic.tcl on my video capture machine?
> I see an example on the Faq-o-Matiq pages, but that's only enough
> to get me into trial-and-error mode, and I'm sure there has to
> be a better way :)
> The vic man page really doesn't seem to have anything on the
> syntax/semantics in the .vic.tcl.  
> What I specifically want to do is make sure my cams are set to S-Video
> when they come up, and that they get assigned appropriate labels 
> rather than just the default hostname.  Up to now, I do all this
> manually when I fire up vic (actually, I fire up vtc, which in turn
> fires up vic, so can't "easily" use the vic command line options).
> In summary, something that actually explains the syntax/semantics used
> in .vic.tcl would be real helpful!  Web searches have turned up empty.
> Thanks, Don
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