[AG-TECH] How to see "all" vic objects?

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Fri Mar 23 17:59:51 CST 2001

Here's one of those questions that probably has an easy answer but...

Today in the Access Grid Lobby, I fired up vic and was overwhelmed 
with the large number of video objects in it from the various sites.
In short, even running at high resolution (1280 x whatever), I couldn't
see "all" the video objects.  I tried a quad tiling, which probably
gets "most" of them, but there were some below the limits of my
display that I seemed not to be able to get to at all, simply because
I had no more room to expand the vic window vertically.

How do others resolve this problem?  It would be nice if one could
down, but that doesn't seem to be an option...  I feel like an idiot,
I can't see how I'm supposed to view any of the video objects that lie
below the vertical limits of my display.....

Thanks, Don
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