[AG-TECH] discontinued Vega wireless audio receiver and transmitter

Jeff Ramacher jeffr at mhpcc.edu
Thu Mar 22 14:42:53 CST 2001


We have two wireless systems here.  One is a handheld, the other is a
clip-on lavaliere.  Here are the specs for each.  Both have worked
extremely well, are pretty good on batteries, and produce excellent
sound.  These were purchased as kits that include everything you need to
get going.  Our only problem was the first 2 systems we got were on the
same frequency.  We sent one back to the vendor (Markertek), which they
replaced with another on a different frequency.  They operate
side-by-side without any problems now.

Handheld wireless
Shure LX24/58 complete system includes:
     LX2 handheld transmitter with SM58 mic
     LX4 receiver with dual antennas

Lavaliere wireless
Shure LX14/83 complete system includes:
     LX1 lavaliere transmitter bodypack
     WL83A professional omnidirectional lav mic
     LX4 receiver with dual antennas

Hope that helps!
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> Supreeya Miller wrote:
> All,
> I need some advice.
> We are in a process to buy equipments for AccessGrid Node for the
> ACCESS center at Stennis Space Center, MS.  We have spec. of the
> headware equipments.  Two of the items, wireless audio receiver and
> transmitter have been discontinued by the manufacturer, Vega.
> Can anybody recommend me another wireless audio receiver and
> transmitter?  I'm very new in AccessGrid Node and have not the seen a
> real node or its performance before ( it's hard to imagine what
> exactly I need).
> Thank you,
> Supreeya Miller
> Scientific Visualization Researcher
> The Center of Higher Learning
> Building 1103
> Stennis Space Center, MS  39529
> Phone : 228-688-2969
> Fax     : 228-688-7454
> E-mail : supreeya.miller at usm.edu

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