[AG-TECH] Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE) Grid Working Group update Mar 20, 2001

Jason Leigh spiff at evl.uic.edu
Wed Mar 21 22:27:50 CST 2001

	this email is to let you know that the ACE Grid mailing list and web site
are up. We have posted minutes, slides, summary and photos of the first
meeting at the web site below.

	(pardon the dust on the web page, we are still designing it)

Also instructions on how to add yourself to the mailing list are at:


In April I am going to start sending out info on goals (and homework) we
want to set for the next ACE-Grid meeting at Global Grid Forum 2 in Virginia
(Washington, DC area) 15-18 July 2001.


Hope you can join us!


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