[AG-TECH] Bridgeport Room Reservations / Time standards

Bob Huebert huebert at arsc.edu
Wed Mar 21 19:50:08 CST 2001

Another great site for seeing the various timezones is http://www.time.gov/

While they do provide a UTC reference, non-American timezones are not 
available, not terribly good for the global AGN sites.


At 8:44 PM -0600 3/20/01, Mary Fritsch wrote:
>Drag.  I will put more than 5 minutes of research into this and get 
>it right tomorrow... already found a good website at 
>http://greenwichmeantime.com/ with all the answers.
>At 07:29 PM 3/20/2001 -0700, Don Morton wrote:
>>Mary Fritsch wrote:
>>>  Don,
>>>  I will post your dates tomorrow with your UTC time and a transitional note
>>>  of  (i.e. 27 March 8pm - 28 March 3pm (am I even close here))
>>Hehe, I'm sorry Mary - Argonne time would be 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.  :) :) :)
>>What have I started?????? :) :) :)
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