[AG-TECH] UKy Seminar: Cleaned up PPT.

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Mar 7 10:56:18 CST 2001

Hi Don,

> An I correct in assuming that once I get on the Venues MUD (as opposed
> to WFG), I want to go to the "Windmer room"?   I'm still stumbling
> on exactly what is connected to what via these muds....

If you were using the MUD client which automatically pops up on your
display machine while using virtual venues, I'd tell you that you'd be
automatically brought to the correct room (ie, VV tells the MUD client
which room to go to so that the VV AG room and the VV mud room always
match). But, assuming you're not using VV since you're using the bridge,
just type "go to Windmer" from anywhere in the Venues MUD and you should
be all good.

- Jennifer

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