[AG-TECH] UKy Seminar: Cleaned up PPT.

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Mar 7 10:01:13 CST 2001

Hi Don,

> I got the dppt3 distribution from the AG web site - 
> it appears that maybe I'm supposed to change the SERVER
> variable in "config.bat" to whoever is "serving" us the
> master PPT presentation?  The default now in "config.bat"
> is dyfrig.mcs.anl.gov.  Is this correct, or do I possibly
> need to change this to some host in Kentucky?  Or Arlington,
> or wherever the speaker is coming from?  Is there anything
> else I might want to consider changing?

You need only to change the server line. At BU we tend to rem out the old
server lines so we've got a handy list (since it tends to be one of the
same 10 or so machines for most of our events). Be very careful not to
insert any spaces accidentally -- a trailing space after the server name
will foul things up. Also, please leave the SERVER line where it is in the
config file (ie, don't rem out the current one, then put a brand-new one
at the very bottom).

Satish (or whomever's hosting a given event) should tell you the server
name. It is frequently posted to the Venues MUD when everybody's setting
up for an event.

> Once I have the config.bat set up correctly, it's my understanding
> that all I need to do is 
> client full-path-to-ppt-file

Yup, with one qualification: the master should be running first, which
Satish (or whomever's hosting a given event) will generally announce on
the Venues MUD. Also, you can either download the file ahead of time
(recommended for best performance) or point to an URL.
> Oui? This should work even though I'm using vtc to go through 
> a bridge?

Yup. DPPT is a unicast tool.
> I don't need to worry about VNC or anything else just yet, do
> I?

Nope, you only need to worry about VNC if an event specifically states
that it's using VNC. VNC gets far less use around here than DPPT, from
what I can see at least.
> Thanks - I always like resolving these problems before "showtime" :)

That is ALWAYS a good idea! :-)

- Jennifer

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