[AG-TECH] SB 128 - Line in vs. Mic in

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Mar 5 14:58:36 CST 2001

Hi, I seem to have the gentner working with one mic
plus speakers, now.  

However, RAT on my audio cap machine wouldn't pick up "Line In"
input that had gone through the gentner (the gentner was
working fine, and it was passing the audio to the speakers).
When I moved the plug that goes into the soundcard from "Line In"
to "Mic", it all worked fine.  I "guess" this is OK, though the
various documents I saw suggested that the line should go into
"Line In" on the sound card.  Might this cause me unanticipated
troubles if I leave it this way?

Yeh, I also tried plugging into the "Line In 2", and that didn't
work, either.  In either case, RAT was not picking up any mic
audio when I keyed (but audio WAS going direct from mic to speakers,
via Gentner).

I thought I read somewhere that one might configure RAT to pick
up it's mic audio from "Line In", but I see nothing "obvious" that
allows me to make such a switch.

At any rate, with mic audio going into the "Mic" rather than "Line
In", it all seems to work well with a reflector, and I "think"
I'm transmitting out now.

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