[AG-TECH] Display compter

Gary Orser orser at cns.montana.edu
Fri Mar 2 16:48:25 CST 2001


Thanks, that solved the problem.

Back to the same problem I was trying to resolve,
vic working on video NOT on win2k display computer.

I installed from scratch win2k service pack 1.  I'm presuming that
other folks have got that to work.

Other possible differences.

I was trying to be cheap and am trying to use
a 3com 3c905 network card

This is a g450 matrox dual headed card with a 
matrox quad g200 card  

Is there some sort of video
mode that is required for on the win2k machine

Cheers, Gary
Gary Orser , (406) 994-6451, orser at nervana.montana.edu 
Montana State University
Center for Computational Biology
1 Lewis Hall, Bozeman MT, 59717

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Jeff Carpenter wrote:

> Gary,
> You haven't missed anything.  Win2K installs several default drivers, that 
> is not one of them.
> This has been noted in the testers group and hopefully will be resolved.
> We keep it on floppy for our test installations.  I have attached it to 
> this message so you wouldn't have to go get it.  However, if you don't 
> trust strange drivers attached to email, Bob Olson has it here 
> http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/~olson/AG/Software/NT/msvcp60.dll
> put it in C:\WINNT\system32 then you should be fine.
> Jeff Carpenter
> _________________________________
> At 03:55 PM 3/2/2001, you wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >Well, I decided to rebuild the win2000 computer from scratch.
> >Did that, now:
> >
> >Trying to execute start-event-serv.bat
> >
> >and am getting
> >
> >msvcp60.dll not found.
> >
> >What have I missed in the install?
> >
> >Cheers, Gary
> >------------------------------------------------------
> >Gary Orser , (406) 994-6451, orser at nervana.montana.edu
> >Montana State University
> >Center for Computational Biology
> >1 Lewis Hall, Bozeman MT, 59717

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