[AG-TECH] Bridgeport Reservation, 27 June

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 27 15:20:50 CDT 2001

At 04:11 PM 6/27/2001 -0400, Tom Coffin wrote:
>little snafu in the scheduling today. Looks like Don
>reserved the Bridgeport then when I submitted on the
>form it gave me the reservation - but then on the "schedule"
>it look slike Don's reservation is listed - no big deal
>everything worked out - but the form should utomatically write to
>the schedule or the automatic response needs to
>be monitored

The automatic response that you get from doing the reservation is just a 
mirroring of the output of the form, no checking is done against the 
existing schedule. Consider the reservation complete when it shows up on 
the schedule itself (and when the reservation goes to ag-event-announce).


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