[AG-TECH] Audio and Video Syncronization

Will, Rodger (R.) rwill1 at ford.com
Tue Jun 26 19:59:49 CDT 2001

Thanks. However, I need point to an internal time source until our firewall is configured to pass ntp traffic. If all av machines are pointing to the same timeserver internally, will we be OK for internal grid sessions?

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At 7:58 PM -0400 6/26/01, Will, Rodger (R wrote:
>What can cause Audio and Video Syncronization problems between 
>nodes?  Our nodes always seem to drift some over time.
>Does NTP need to be configured on all boxes to prevent this?

Yes. NTP on your audio and video machines should be pointing to 
ntp-1.accessgrid.org. Running the install script on the linux boxes 
should have set this up for you. Ours looks like this:

--begin /etc/ntp.conf
server	ntp-1.accessgrid.org

driftfile	/etc/ntp.drift

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