[AG-TECH] New mechanism for reservations

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 26 10:51:14 CDT 2001

Howdy folks.

We're rolling out a new mechanism for AG reservations today. There is a 
form available that is linked off the AG schedule page. To make a 
reservation, fill out the form, and the event information will be sent off 
to the folks here who do the venue scheduling. They will then resend the 
announcement (with its assigned venue) to the new mailing list 
ag-event-announce at mcs.anl.gov.

We have a couple of goals with this. Hopefully we'll get complete 
information for all of the events with the form (let me know if I've 
forgotten anything that should be on the form). We can now also do some 
automated recordkeeping of the events that have been scheduled.

The use of the new mailing list is in an attempt to separate event 
announcement traffic from the technical traffic on ag-tech. The 
announcement mailing list will be seeded with the current membership of 
ag-tech. If you are not interested in the announcements, you can 
unsubscribe using the usual majordomo mechanisms: send mail to 
majordomo at mcs.anl.gov with a message body of

	unsubscribe ag-event-announce

and you'll be unsubscribed.

Please feel free to write if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


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