[AG-TECH] converting to removable block end

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jun 25 15:36:58 CDT 2001

At 12:49 PM 6/25/2001 -0700, Jonathan C. Humfrey wrote:
>Can anyone tell me,
>Are there adaptors made for converting XLR cable to removable block end
>for the gentner?

There aren't premade ones available that I've found. You can have an audio 
integrator make them for you (Which we've done); you can make them by 
cutting an XLR mic cable in half and wiring them yourself (which we've 
done); you can also make them by starting with bulk cable (eg belkin 8451 
http://www.markertek.com/MTStore/product.CFM?BaseItem=BL%2D8451), adding 
XLR ends and phoenix connectors (done this too. you have to solder, but the 
belkin cable is much easier to strip & prepare).

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