[AG-TECH] sorry, Osprey-200 instead

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
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I haven't been able to do any 1394 comparisons with VIC due to the

I am pretty happy with 1394 efficiency to date compared to the Osprey
series, and the Osprey series is the best capture card under Windows I'm
aware of.  I'm still in the process of getting a good feel for the
tradeoffs, though.

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>I'm moving away from Osprey capture cards and towards 1394 cameras.
>reason is the VfW drivers which perform 4x memory copies per frame,
>quadrupling the impact of video capture on the PCI and memory buses.
>VfW was obsoleted under Windows by Active Movie / WDM back in 1998.
  I once use a Snazzi DV card to capture DV signal, and can be used by
  Is 1394-based cameras using more CUP power than a PCI-based video
capture card
when we use VIC to send video streams ?  Do you have any chance to
compare them?

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