[AG-TECH] sorry, Osprey-200 instead

lujian lujian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
Fri Jun 22 08:41:20 CDT 2001


>I'm moving away from Osprey capture cards and towards 1394 cameras.  One
>reason is the VfW drivers which perform 4x memory copies per frame,
>quadrupling the impact of video capture on the PCI and memory buses.
>VfW was obsoleted under Windows by Active Movie / WDM back in 1998.
  I once use a Snazzi DV card to capture DV signal, and can be used by VIC. 
  Is 1394-based cameras using more CUP power than a PCI-based video capture card
when we use VIC to send video streams ?  Do you have any chance to compare them?

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