[AG-TECH] AP10 Voice bridge problems.

Gary Orser orser at cns.montana.edu
Wed Jun 20 17:07:13 CDT 2001

Hi all,

I was testing a voice bridging solution with Umt and AK today
and discovered that my AP10 was acting really weird.

I could set the AP10 to auto answer, it would answer fine,
but we would never get any sound to the AP800.  The sound
meters never budged (Input from AP10 on AP800).

Additionally, the Gentner software would start oscillating between
preset 2 and preset 3.  (They are set as outlined in the AG Web

To troubleshoot this, I've called into the AP10 with a portable phone
and get the same problem.  

Anybody got any ideas of how to further troubleshoot this?

Cheers, Gary
Gary Orser , (406) 994-6451, orser at nervana.montana.edu 
Montana State University
Center for Computational Biology
1 Lewis Hall, Bozeman MT, 59717

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