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Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 12 18:02:58 CDT 2001

We have successfully run a prototype system off a single node under
Windows 2000.  Details are in the list archives and can be found on our
website at http://Portal.LearningWebServices.Com/DISC.

We're currently installing a conference room with our second generation
equipment.  This equipment relies upon the recently released Dual
Pentium-IV systems (Dell Precision Workstation 530 to be precise) and
1394 cameras.  Details of the hardware configuration are on the website

Right now we're fighting an issue between increased capture quality and
efficiency and VIC compatibility.  We've chosen to move to 1394 cameras
with WDM drivers, but VIC crashes whenever we attempt to use them as a
capture source.

If you want to take a route more VIC compatible, you can use Osprey
capture cards in these systems.  We demonstrated two Osprey-500 boards
capturing 320x240 and 640x480.  Unfortunately, we also found out that
Windows VIC crashes when attempting to transmit 640x480 and we were
unable to get two instances to transmit dual streams.

Currently we're working on a VIC replacement for video capture and
receive due to the issues we've found above based around a DirectShow
architecture with RTP transmission.  The advantage is we can work around
the issues we've uncovered.  The disadvantage is we won't be using h.261
and therefore won't be compatible with existing VIC based video
capture/display systems.  We'd love to find an existing video system
that is VIC compatible and works around the issues above, but we haven't
found one.  We're talking about possibly funding an RFP to create just
such a beast, but it's still just talk.

 - jcb

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We are trying to put the audio-video capture functionality as well as
display function on to a single (possibly Windows 2000) machine at EVL.
We need some help/pointers about the feasibility and hardware

If someone can help then please write to me so that I can provide with
relevant details.


Node/OP - EVL

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