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Emilee J Patrick Emilee_Patrick-CEP023 at email.mot.com
Wed Jun 6 19:04:21 CDT 2001

> At 05:40 PM 5/30/2001 -0500, Emilee J Patrick wrote:
> >hi, all! i just have a quick little question for all of you out there
> >with AG nodes that are in frequent use. what kind of projectors are
> >you using, and how often do you need to replace the bulbs?

here are the collated responses to the above email message:

From: "Ken Bishop" <kbishop at ukans.edu>
> We have no failure data (being very lucky) with our current AG node which
> features non standard electrohome projectors. However, we are configuring
> a new mobile node as I write this and plan to use EPSON 715c projectors.
> I'll keep you informed;  I'd appreciate being on your data base response list.

From: "Mark Hereld" <hereld at mcs.anl.gov>
> the beginning of a statistical sample:
> hm... of the 40+ projectors that we've used for at least a year
> each, we've had to replace a handful of bulbs... say 6-ish.
> these are projectors used in AG nodes, tiled displays, and
> sometimes both.
> we've used many epsons (powerlite 7500c, powerlite 710c),
> proxima (dx1,  9210), and a smattering of other models.
> we've overused several bulbs by resetting the bulb timer
> managed by the projector. three of those have exploded
> spectacularly.  one of the explosions damaged stuff in the
> projector, forcing us to send it in for repairs.  the other
> two just had to be cleared of glass bits.  despite our
> good luck in the area of projector pyrotechnics, i wouldn't
> recommend you follow in our footsteps: replace your
> bulbs.

From: "Tom Coffin" <tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu>
> every 6 months min.

From: "Robert Olson" <olson at mcs.anl.gov>
> The workshop node uses Proxima 9210 projectors. We're just now starting to 
> have to replace bulbs (one has been, and I think another will be coming 
> along soon).
> The library has Proxima DX1 and we've replaced 1, and the other two are 
> showing warnings. These projectors used to be in the AM, so they got a lot 
> of use there.
> BTW, don't try to extend bulb life by resetting lamp timers. The AM folks 
> here did that and had a couple bulb explosions...

From: "Marty Hoag" <Marty_Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU>
>    We are using Sony VPL-PX20 (1400 Lumen, 34db) projectors.  We haven't had to
> replace the "bulbs" yet (seems hard to call something costing that much a "bulb"
> ;-) but I think they are rated at 1,000 hours.  Last I checked we were around
> 700 hours (hmmm - I better get some on order!).

From: "Russ Wolf" <rwolf at bu.edu>
> At Boston University we purchased 3 Proxima 9250+ projectors in the Spring
> of 1999 and have yet to replace the bulbs.  Our projectors are on 
> alot.  We had several multiple day conferences and have multiple
> meetings all week long.   
> One of the three just had its bulb light come on so I spent the $1200
> and bought 3 new bulbs.  
> As far as I'm concerned the concern aout Proxima projectors bulb life
> is not worth worrying about.  But as they age a slight MINOR color
> change has taken place but it is constnat and gradual and only noticeable
> when looking for it. (the warm spots move)
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