[AG-TECH] AG Node Volunteers for SC Global AND SC '01 Student Volunteers

Nickolas S. Jovanovic nsjovanovic at ualr.edu
Tue Jun 5 11:16:33 CDT 2001


The announcement you made was specifically for student
volunteers. Is there any interest in having AG technicians
volunteer to help at the conference also?


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Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2001 9:41 am
Subject: [AG-TECH] AG Node Volunteers for SC Global AND SC '01 Student

> Great news!
> The SC student volunteer Web page is now active and ready for submissions 
> for both AG node volunteers and regular student volunteers.  This is an 
> outstanding opportunity for your students to participate in the real world 
> activities associated with SC 01.  Students who have participated in the 
> past list it as one of their most memorable college experiences.
> If your students are being trained on the AG and can help with SC Global at 
> SC 01, most of their expenses (including travel, housing, meals at the 
> conference and registration) will be paid by the conference.  Of course, 
> they'll be able to participate in the conference when they're not working, 
> and they'll receive conference goodies including a cool t-shirt or two.
> We hope to be able to provide enough student AG volunteers to support the 
> SC Global nodes and to provide relief to the other AG node operators so 
> they can take health breaks, etc.  You, the ag-tech group, are the only 
> source of student AG volunteers!
> Please encourage interested students to apply.  The url 
> is  http://www.navo.hpc.mil/Conferences/SC2001/
> This initial experimental year, it was decided that the we should do 
> everything possible to enable AG volunteers to participate, so their travel 
> expenses are covered.  I should point out that, as in the past, regular 
> student volunteers' travel expenses will not be covered by the conference.
> If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bruce Loftis 
> <bruce at ncsa.uiuc.edu> or me.
> Best wishes,
> Barbara
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