[AG-TECH] whiteboard

Christoph Willing chris at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Tue Dec 18 15:54:04 CST 2001

Haven't tried WBD, but we have been trialling "mlb" (multimedia lecture
board) from

It runs on Windows & Linux (important for us with 100% Linux nodes).
We haven't tried the Windows version but the Linux version worked
right out of the box.

So far results have been encouraging, working pretty well with Wacom
graphics tablet which some Math users have asked for to do formulae etc.
(Wacom use requires addition to XF86Config file). We'll be trialling this
some more & it would be great if other nodes also had it to try some
inter-node testing.


>Has anyone had experience using the WBD.  I've got a guy that would like
>to use it, and I cannot get it to run.  Does it require other programs
>to allow it to run properly?  I could use some insight.
>   Sam

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