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Allan Spale aspale at laurel.evl.uic.edu
Sun Dec 9 22:20:55 CST 2001


In response to Don's message first:

I have not knowledgeably trie to go the limit without installing the OSS
sound license, so I o not know how long it goes before quitting

In response to your message:

I do not know if any warning is given.  I do know that once the OSS
license is somewhat configured, you should get a message during the
booting of Linux indicating that you have a temporary license that will
work for about 3 hours for a single session (from startup to restart/halt,
I think).  The only indication that I got was that RAT started acting
funny with a situation that might be similar to what you have described
before.  If transmitting RAT never worked properly from the start of a
session, then what I am explaining may not be the problem exactly.

If you have not tried testing RAT locally using the packet reflector from
the Software Download site of the AG page, this might be a good idea to
see if by using the loopback function in RAT allows you to transmit audio
at all.  Some sie notes about running the reflector (in case you don't
already know how to use this):

- Install the reflector on the video machine.

- Run the reflector setting the minimum and maximum delay to the same

- Run RAT on the audio machine using something like: rat -allow_loopback
<address of the video machine>/<10000 or whatever port was specified from
the gui of the reflector on the video machine>.

Best of luck diagnosing your problem.


On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Jonathan C. Humfrey wrote:

> I actually purchased the OSS license upfront from the vendor we bought the
> machine from.... but just in case what happens when the license
> expires?  Does it give you any warning?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Don Morton wrote:
> > Allan Spale wrote:
> > 
> > > - Another thing that you may need to do is install the Open SoundSource
> > > license.  It is my understanding that you need that.  You may have
> > > installed the OSS license successfully, but you may need a more permanent
> > > lkicense installed.  If you do not have permanent license, your sound
> > > might not work after 3 hours.
> > 
> > 
> > I tend to recall the OSS license being good for a month but, if you're
> > like many of us, you keep putting off getting the permanent license,
> > and that 4 weeks tends to expire at the worst possible time!! :)
> > 
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