[AG-TECH] DPPT alternatives?

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Thu Dec 6 13:55:25 CST 2001

Yes, animations work.  This software actually exports each slide to an
individual PPT file and streams that over the network, preserving the
full PPT feature set.

 - jcb

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"Gurcharan S. Khanna" wrote:

> hi,
> i have played with it a bit and it seems pretty nice. it doesn't
require a
> special server to set up, the presenter simply initiates the session
> their ppt box. then, users just run the exact same commands minus the
> files that are pointed to, and everything works in a multicast way. i
> others should try it out and see if it might not be easier in some
ways to
> implement, especially at the last minute as sometimes happens. also,
> slide is preloaded but otherwise downloads occur during the
> not all at once. this is a good thing (i think). i'd be interested in
> opinions
> as well.
> -gurcharan
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> --- "David E. Bernholdt" wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had tried Microsoft Research's Multicast
> for PPT as an alternative to DPPT?
> http://www.research.microsoft.com/barc/mbone/mppt.htm
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I wonder also, do animations/movies and the like work through this
ppt? If so that's a very good reason to give it a try, this has been
presenters have been irritated about in the past, especailly when their
presentation rely heavily on animations/movies, which there is no reason
shouldn't, especially if it is a presentation by a scientist who does
computational work, the whole point of this work is to make movies.

--Brad Gallagher
ASCI Flash Center
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