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Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 6 10:01:14 CST 2001

a fine belgium beer for nary a nickle (well at least there):

At 06:36 AM 12/6/2001 -0900, Guy Robinson wrote:
   >Having heard Jennifer talk on the subject I vote she be our first speaker,
   >perhaps giving the keynote/opening session.
   >On Dec 5,  4:06pm, Don Morton wrote:
   >> Subject: Beer
   >> All, in an effort to encourage more informal use of the Access Grid
   >> (motivation is to make people more comfortable with the AG so that
   >> they'll feel more at ease using it in other applications and, in
   >> a sense, become more AG-literate), a handful of us would like to
   >> propose a short (maybe half-day at most) AG symposium entitled,
   >> "Beer."  This is in an early, formative stage, and subject to
   >> input from others but, roughly what we were thinking was
   >> something along the lines of invited presentations from those
   >> who actually know about beer (unlike us Montana slobs who
   >> simply drink it because it's good).  One could envision
   >> an opening presentation concerning the history of beer,
   >> another might get into some of the technical details, another
   >> might be a "how to brew your own" (we have a faculty member
   >> here who would be interested in presenting), another on "how
   >> to be a beer snob" :), etc., etc.  Naturally, we need people
   >> to present - perhaps several of us could invite local
   >> brewers (public outreach, ya know!! :).
   >> Then, we could recess and spend a couple of weeks locally practising
   >> what we've learned by sampling a given set of beers (homework!!!),
   >> then convening on the AG for a discussion, debate, etc. on
   >> the various beers.
   >> It would be really great if we could get international interest in
   >> this, particularly to engage in the lively debate, "are Yank beers
   >> really as bad as others claim??" :)
   >> Right now, I'm thinking something like this might start in early or
   >> mid-January.  If  you're potentially interested in this, please
   >> let me know.  I assume our Argonne friends would prefer that
   >> we not carry out excessive beer discussions on this list so,
   >> I'm happy to compile a separate email list or create a listserv
   >> for the event.
   >> Cheers, and Bottoms Up, :)
   >> Don
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