[AG-TECH] Beer

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed Dec 5 17:06:08 CST 2001

All, in an effort to encourage more informal use of the Access Grid
(motivation is to make people more comfortable with the AG so that
they'll feel more at ease using it in other applications and, in 
a sense, become more AG-literate), a handful of us would like to
propose a short (maybe half-day at most) AG symposium entitled,
"Beer."  This is in an early, formative stage, and subject to
input from others but, roughly what we were thinking was 
something along the lines of invited presentations from those
who actually know about beer (unlike us Montana slobs who
simply drink it because it's good).  One could envision 
an opening presentation concerning the history of beer, 
another might get into some of the technical details, another
might be a "how to brew your own" (we have a faculty member
here who would be interested in presenting), another on "how
to be a beer snob" :), etc., etc.  Naturally, we need people
to present - perhaps several of us could invite local
brewers (public outreach, ya know!! :).

Then, we could recess and spend a couple of weeks locally practising
what we've learned by sampling a given set of beers (homework!!!),
then convening on the AG for a discussion, debate, etc. on
the various beers.

It would be really great if we could get international interest in 
this, particularly to engage in the lively debate, "are Yank beers
really as bad as others claim??" :)

Right now, I'm thinking something like this might start in early or
mid-January.  If  you're potentially interested in this, please
let me know.  I assume our Argonne friends would prefer that
we not carry out excessive beer discussions on this list so,
I'm happy to compile a separate email list or create a listserv
for the event.

Cheers, and Bottoms Up, :)

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