[AG-TECH] VRVS -- again

Omer F Rana O.F.Rana at cs.cf.ac.uk
Wed Dec 5 07:10:20 CST 2001


I would be grateful for some input on how we use VRVS through our AG. I have 
already read the thread on this mailing list about this by Linda Winkler,
David Polidura and Vikram Gazula. My specific questions: 

1.	We have three machines: 

	1) A display machine (Win2K)
	2) A video capture machine (Linux RedHat)
	3) An audio capture machine  (Linux RedHat) 

	I have VRVS on all three

	How do I tell VRVS to send and receive output from these different 
	machines. When I try to use an H323 client on machine (1) -- how do 
	I get it to receive video via this machine (I am using NetMeeting right now).
	The Windows machine is not connected to the video capture -- so this 
	is a problem for NetMeeting? If not NetMeeting -- what else can I use 
	to get video from other users?

2.	Do we need to register all three machines via VRVS -- I am unsure how 
	the interaction between these three should be supported via VRVS. 
I have already seen:




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