[AG-TECH] recording sessions with voyager

Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Aug 31 22:31:33 CDT 2001

Hi Bob.  What great timing you have :-)

Next week ANL will release voyager clients that are integrated with the
venues hosted on venues.accessgrid.org.  The clients point to a voyager
server that is hosted at ANL.  They will be available to all on an
experimental basis for recording and playing back AG interactions.  Look for
an announcement next week explaining how to participate.

Once it has spent some time in the field, there will be a release that will
allow folks to host their own servers.


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We are interested in recording (& playing back) AG sessions and would
like to use the voyager utility that is mention on the ANL AG
website. I looked at the webpage for recoding sessions, but only find
instructions on how to setup ntp. Is the voyager documentation
located elsewhere? Is voyager open-source?

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