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I've done a little and it is pretty straight forward.  You of course need
the standard ports open to allow WEB based traffic between the Venue and
your node.  I imagine this is already open as it is not specific to the
Access Grid.  You will also need to allow the multicast traffic to be
allowed in and out.  You can do this in two way.

1. Allow all multicast traffic (224- in and out from the network.
This is the easiest but also opens your system up some to some multicast
denial of service attacks.  Not a huge threat but it is there.

2. Use the specific multicast ports that will be used for the sessions you
wish to join.  The Argonne venue publishes their addresses on their venues
page, also included below.

ROOM			Vic Address			Rat Address
Jack Frost
Big Horn
Full Sail
Lucky Labrador

SC Global Lobby

The only other ports that may be used would be the ports for DPPT and I
don't know what they are.  Maybe someone else has the answer for that one.

Hope this helps.

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We are getting ready to setup a node at a regional campus that has a rather
restrictive firewall.  Can anyone let me know which
port we have to have open to run the node?


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