[AG-TECH] Suggested suppliers

Leslie Southern leslie at osc.edu
Thu Aug 23 10:56:18 CDT 2001


In the AG tutorials, for equipment, we reference the manufacturer's web
site. We would also like to include suggested suppliers. For instance
for the Furman and MM100, we know markertek.com is a good source. Also a
good source for cameras is picturephone.com. 

Below is the equipment listed in the tutorial. If you would like to
suggest a good supplier, please let me know.


Display Computer
- Matrox G400
- Matrix G200 

Video Capture Computer
- Hauppauge video capture adapters

Audio Computer
- Creative SB128 Audio

Other Computing Equipment
- Intel Express 460T
- 1000BaseT uplink module
- Belkin OmniView Matrix
- 17" Monitors

Media Equipment
- Sony EVI-D30: picturephone.com
- Genelec Near-range Monitoring System
- ATI Matchmaker MM100: markertek.com
- Furman PL8: markertek.com
- Gentner 
- Crown PCC-160 microphones
- Vega T25 wireless transmitter and Vega R22 wireless receiver 
- Countryman headset microphone MHHW5HH05-VS

Projection Equipment
- Epson 710c
- Walltalker NuVuRite

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