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Rick Stevens stevens at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 15 12:21:56 CDT 2001

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>From: Stewart Macneill <macneisd at dcs.gla.ac.uk>
>Subject: AG display options
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>We are part of the UK's national e-Science push and one of out first 
>priorities is setting ourselves up so we have the ability to participate 
>in the Access Grid.  I've downloaded the very useful hardware 
>specifications from the web site and had a look at the technical FAQ but 
>have a couple of questions  regarding the display options (this is new 
>territory for me, I don't have great experience with the audio-visual side 
>of things.)
>Firstly, we are hoping to use 4 plasma screens (cost permitting!) in a 
>video wall configuration rather than projection technology.  Are you aware 
>of any potential difficulties using this form of display rather than 
>projectors?  I can't immediately think why there should be, unless there 
>is a requirement for resolution above 1024x768.
>Doing this is fine unless we need the additional expense of video wall 
>electronics to drive it, assuming we don't just want to use 4 separate 
>images all the time.  Since I don't recognise anything for this purpose in 
>the technical specs, I'm hoping this is handled by the AG software.
>Apologies if these are naive questions, but any advice on this topic will 
>be gratefully received!
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