[AG-TECH] A Solution to Problems with Matrox Millennium G450 AGP and PCI Cards on the Display (Windows 2000) Machine

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Tue Aug 14 15:08:09 CDT 2001


EVL has completed installing the AGP and PCI versions of the Matrox
Millennium G450 cards in the display machine.  We had a lot of trouble
trying to get the PCI card to become recognized (AGP was fairly simple).
However, with a lot of help, EVL was able to get the problem fixed.  

Below are the general steps that were taken to reach the goal of having
two functional video cards on the display machine.  These steps were
written up by Vikas Chowdhry:

Important BIOS settings

1. Primary display : VGA/EGA

2. Default Primary Video : PCI

3. PCI1 tp PCI0 Access : Disabled

4. Graphics Aperture Size : Max

5. Plug & Play aware O/S : No

6. Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA: Yes

7. PCI IRQ Priority All Auto


Steps to install 1 PCI and 1 AGP graphics card.

1. Uninstall the driver for the current card(s) and remove them

2. Flash the BIOS for the latest revision.

Steps 3 and 4 are precautionary measures, to flash the firmware of the
cards for the patest revision. Since we are installing only 1 card at a
time, the installation for this should go without a hitch.

3. Insert any of the cards, install it. Update the firmaware for this card
and then uninstall it and remove the card physically.

4. Repeat step 3 for the other card.

5. Now insert the AGP card. When Win2K reboots, it will detect the card. 
Do not install the default drivers. From the matrox site download the
unified drivers and use them to install the card. After the installation,
the AGP card will show up under the devices list in the hardware section
of system.

6. Shut down the system and insert the PCI card. Again at rebooting, Win2K
will recognize the card. Do not use the default driver but download the
latest driver for your card from the Matrox site.

7. After rebooting, under properties : display you should be able to see
two monitors.

A side note, we have a Tyan Thunderbolt motherboard.  If anyone would like
to know the specific model number and BIOS version number that we were
using to obtain this solution, please send e-mail to ag-tech at evl.uic.edu
for this information.

evl at uic

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