[AG-TECH] RedHat 7.1 & audio

Matthew Wolf mwolf at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Aug 3 14:58:25 CDT 2001

I saw some comments about using 7.1 recently, and I wondered if anyone's
having success using it yet.  Specifically, I would like to know if
anyone's having luck with rat.  Vic is working beautifully -- I can see
real improvements in performance, probably because of the better SMP
behavior of 2.4.  But I can seem to get rat to work right.

The symptoms are that a) although it looks like I should be transmitting
or receiving stuff, I can't hear or do anything, and b) if I start up
sessions on two different machines, they see different network
statistics (loss rates, etc in the rat matrix view).

Any tips?  I tried compiling the newest version of rat, but it didn't
seem to help any, either.


        -- Matthew Wolf 
        -- Research Scientist, IHPC Laboratory
        -- College of Computing, Georgia Tech
        -- mwolf at cc.gatech.edu

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