Projection Surfaces

Jonas Talandis jonast at
Thu Oct 26 10:40:41 CDT 2000

My experience is that it's a good idea to sketch out your projector 
placement first. The image aspect is 4:3 so for a 3x1 image, that's 12:3. 
If your wall is 10' wide that allows for a display height of about 2.5'.

Check your projector specs for the corresponding distance from the screen 
for the desired image size. The zoom capability of the lens gives you a 
range within you can place your projectors. I recommend ceiling mounts for 
a permanent installation but in any case you need to work around any 
mounting interference from lights, pipes, beams etc.


At 06:33 PM 10/25/00 , Don Morton wrote:
>You all bring up good points, so I'll abandon the thought of 3 small
>bargain-basement screens.  I've considered the wallpaper route myself.
>Does anybody know just how wide this wallpaper is?  Has anybody had
>any problems with it not erasing completely after being used as
>a whiteboard?
>With our small room, our projection surface will be roughly 10',
>and I anticipate projector images of roughly 3.3' x 3.3'.  So,
>hopefully two strips of the wallpaper would do the job.  Still
>haven't made a firm decision on wallpaper though.  Other possibility
>is to just buy a 10' wide screen that pulls down over an existing
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