Projection Surfaces

Don Morton morton at
Thu Oct 26 09:13:31 CDT 2000

Again, everybody, thanks so much for your responses.  Given the 5'
wide size of the Walltalker, I think that's definitely the way for us 
to go.  

I'm estimating that we'll be trying to come on line over the end of year
holidays.  I "suspect" Montana State will be coming up around the same time,
but certainly don't speak for them.  I know both Ivan and Vikram have offered 
to come out and help us get over our ignorance, and, if you like snow,
"some" sun, possibly frigid temperatures, end of December is a perfect
time to come out, and we'd love to have you.  If Montana State is
interested, we could shuttle you between the sites (about 200 miles
apart) and your efforts could help two groups, and you could see
the wonderful scenery in the area.

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