SC00: Behind the Scenes at the AG?

Jeff Carpenter jeffc at
Mon Oct 23 16:50:47 CDT 2000


Our SC Booth is otherwise occupied at this time, but I will be here in 
Illinois running the node & will play.

Jeff Carpenter
At 01:34 PM 10/19/00 -0400, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>Hi all - -
>BU would like to have a demo along the lines of "Behind the Scenes at the
>Access Grid" November 6, 8-9PM Dallas (central) time. This would include a
>very basic AG overview, plus a walkaround (moving camera) of the BU node
>(and other nodes, if other nodes are interested in participating).
>Of course, this won't be nearly as much fun if only the BU nodes are
>participating (we'll have two, one @ SC and one @ BU). Are there other
>nodes willing to play? A moving camera walkaround is not required, but
>would be best.
>Mary, please reserve the Lucky Lab for this. Thanks.
>- Jennifer

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