ON-AIR / mbus RAT hack

Allan Kenneth Spale aspale1 at uic.edu
Mon Oct 23 12:40:23 CDT 2000

I read up on the mbus specification and have read README.mbus in the
source code archive.  I am sorry, but I am having trouble determining
where to begin.

I have found header files that describe how to update the user interface
(such as using ui_send_audio.h) but nothing on how to query the status on
the user interface. I was leaning toward audio.input.mute() but that
disables/enables audio transmission, it does not enable me to query its
state (i.e. is the Talk button pressed).

I have not written a program using only READMEs and .h and .c files as a
guide, so I need some help on where to begin.  Is there a simple program
that I can write that will just allow me to view the activity on the
mbus or to toggle some state on the rat using mbus.  I apologize for my
ignorance in this matter.

Thanks for your time.

Allan Spale

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