Proposal for an AG technical retreat..

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There definetly is an idea here people.
Rick, you may have stumbled onto something that would benefit everyone that has or is getting a node.
The idea of having a well planned retreat,  would help many of the things being planned to be implemented.  
Exchanging ideas on things can go a long way.  
I know, most of the new people on the AG Node would really benefit.

       This not only could be a place for exchanging ideas but I belive Lisa Childers has been looking into developing a calander of events for the node. If we were all in one place to meet with each other, we may be able to plan a little better for future events.

        I am at WVU, currently, and I am working on software for the AG Node.
This retreat would be a good place to let other people see what work we are doing at WVU on things. Dr. Frances Van Scoy is here at WVU and of course is working to see what her VR lab can do to improve and help with the AG Nodes.  
I know that the people here at the University would also be very interested in a conference.
Not only myself,  but Dr. Frances Van Scoy would be willing to support such a venture.
           As far as the 2 to 3 day format goes, that seems to be one of the best forms for us people in research.
Where you thinking in the middle of the week or towards the end? "Rick"
The informal paper would be nice too. I would like to see one of the Universities be able to get funding or in some way publish a regular formal e-paper or perhaps, even a regular publishing would be nice to keep the contact flowing with what is new and upcoming. I am checking into what funding we could get for such a paper. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to contact me concerning the funding issue.


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I think this is a great idea.  I would like for us to have a half-day to
actually discuss deployment issues like governance, the production of
documentation, and other aspects of our deployment planning.

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>I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to put together an Access Grid
>for sometime early next year. The purpose of the retreat would be to
>gather people
>together to discuss where we are with the Access Grid Project, present
>some technical
>proposals to the AG technical community for where we might want to go in
>the next year with
>new capabilities, to plan some stretch events that will help refine and
>the AG concept, and to provide an open forum for discussing new and
>things we can do with the AG in the future.  I propose a 2-3 day format,
>with a few
>invited talks, contributed presentations from various groups on future
>some breakout sessions to discuss specific applications of AG (Medical,
>etc.) and
>the publication in an informal proceedings the lecture notes and
>discussion papers which
>would cover new AG related technologies and projects.
>Thoughts ?
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