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Robert Olson olson at
Wed Oct 11 16:02:09 CDT 2000

Well,this is somethign we need to do better. There is an update script on 
the software download page; however, we are in teh midst of rolling out a 
new set of AG software that is not yet in the standard location. It is, 
however, available on the CDROM image that you can find on teh download page.


At 03:01 PM 10/11/2000 -0600, Jimmy Miklavcic wrote:
>Being a AG newbie, is there a single place to pick up the latest software
>or a list
>of the current levels?
>Jimmy Miklavcic
>Multimedia Specialist
>jhm at
>155 SOUTH 1452 EAST RM 405
>SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112-0190
>Office: 801.585.9335
>   Cell: 801.550.1529
>    Fax: 801.585.5366

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