october 31 reservation/participation

John Melchi jmelchi at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 9 15:05:38 CDT 2000

hello. several people mentioned to jim farrar earlier that they are 
interested in participating in the demo for carle clinic's cio. so far we 
have heard from boston, utah, uic, north dakota state, northwestern, and 
arkansas. can you folks please confirm that your site is available from 1-2 
pm cst on october 31 to participate in the demo and to share your 
experience with using the AG? if anyone else would like to participate just 
let me know. after we confirm participation i'd like to talk about content 
for the demo. thanks for your help!


At 11:30 AM 10/4/00 -0500, Jim Farrar wrote:
>Dan Reed would like for us  to reserve the AG for a demo for the local 
>hospital administrator and the med school.  He has tentatively scheduled a 
>demo with them for Tuesday October 31.  We would like to reserve the 
>bridgeport room from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  Also we would like to invite 
>anyone interested to participate, I will send more specifics as I get them.
>Jim Farrar

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