AG Hardware Specs

Don Morton morton at
Thu Oct 5 08:29:28 CDT 2000

Hi Bob - quick question on the 15Sep2000 hardware specs you made available - 
YOu recommend an Intel Express 460T for $750, then I see a Gigabit uplink
module for $480, yet I don't 
"think" I see that module in any summary costs
(but I'm only on my second cup of coffee).

Is a direct Gigabit uplink to this switch "necessary" (I understand it's
desirable).  I don't mind spending the extra $480, but wiring in a Gigabit
connection vs. 100Mb connection to the AGN is an issue I need to understand.
We've assumed 100Mb wiring, though Gb "might" be doable....

Thanks for any help...  I realise I'm being pushy but, ideally I'd have
some sort of quick response from "somebody" in the know in the next 30 
minutes, as I'm finalising a rough budget for our research VP this morning :) 
:) :)
Otherwise, I'll just wing it on this issue for now...

Thanks, Don
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