conference call for PETSc test cruise

Richard Coffey richardc at
Mon Oct 2 11:40:07 CDT 2000

Hi Leslie,

Jimmy can't make the cruise today and I had a 12:00 that moved ahead 45
minutes. Could we do a test cruise tomorrow or Wednesday with you and a few
others? Sort of a nano-nano-cruise? (No, no a Mork and Mindy cruise)

Too much Vis2K preparation for words,
Richard C.

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Subject: conference call for PETSc test cruise

> Dial-in instructions:  Call 614-292-6666, press 1, then 5210#
> This is a "techie" cruise. Although everyone involved is welcome, there
> is no pressure for training folks to join.
> -leslie
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> Subject: Calling All NodeOps for Petsc Tutorial
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> Dear OSC, BU, ANL, NCSA, NDU, UKY and UNM NodeOps:
> Please join me in Full Sail on
> Monday, October 2nd
> at 1pm CDT
> for a techie nanoCruise for the upcoming petsc tutorial.
> Agenda includes practicing with vnc, dppt and gentner presets.
> - I will provide vnc batch and config files on Monday.  You should have
> the
> windows vnc viewer installed on your AG display machine BEFORE the 1pm
> cruise.  The windows vnc viewer can be downloaded from
> - dppt server will be
> - Ensure that you can run the gentner software, and have the three
> presets
> defined.  Documentation can be found at
> If you haven't already done so, please send me the ip addresses and
> names of
> your node's display, audio and video machines.
> Thanks,
> Lisa

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