Marty Hoag Marty_Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU
Tue May 30 17:51:11 CDT 2000

   You've all been very helpful in responding to questions about configurations.
I've tried to distill what you've said into the following "generic"
configuration so I can pass it along to potential suppliers.  I found a local
outfit which will build the machines to specs and the good news is that we have
a contract with them so ordering is easy.  So I'm trying to put together a list
of specs that they can design the systems around and then get back to me with
details.  What have I forgotten?

   One other question:  is the OmniView Pro 8x2 MultiBus what folks are using
for a KVM switch?  Bob suggested it is best to have two sets of
monitor/keyboard/mice to switch among the the systems.

   Thanks for any suggestions!  


--------------------- Draft Document for Supplier(s) -------------------------

Access Grid PC Generic Specs

   The Access Grid node (see http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/fl/accessgrid/) consists
of four PCs, each dedicated to specific tasks required by the node.  The
emphasis should be on speed of the processor, memory, displays, and good 10/100
network card (minimal disk I/O).

   The Access Grid is evolving so we seek to keep as much flexibility as
possible.  If possible the PCs should be rack mountable with a tower or
mini-tower being second choice.  While three different operating systems are
being used, the system hardware should all be supported by Red Hat Linux 6.1
(please note any exceptions).

   I've put together some general specifications to get started and would like
to review specifications and prices on systems which might fit these needs.

   Two of the systems are 2-processor SMP configurations and two are single
processors.  All four should have 256 MB of RAM, 8-9 GB hard disks, with basic
systems being similar.  We will use an 8x2 KVM console switch to control the PCs
so only two monitors, keyboards, and mice are needed.
Base/Common Configuration (Differences noted below)  

800 MHz Processor (price breaks may make other speeds interesting) 
        (note that the display and video pcs must be 2-processor SMP)
256 MB Memory
8 or 9 GB Disk Drive and controller
Display adapter (see special notes on Display and Video Capture) 
1 PCI-128 Sound Blaster (audio machine will have more)
1 10/100BaseT Ethernet Card (e.g. Intel PCI Pro/100)
CD-Rom Drive
3.5" Floppy Drive
Note: It has been suggested that the Intel VC820/CC820 motherboards 
      with the faster buses and AGP 4x would be desirable.  
      Specify motherboards used.

OS:  Windows 2000 Professional
* 2-Processor SMP *
Display Adapters: 
   AGP Matrox Millenium G400 DUAL HEAD 32 MB (replace base)  and
   PCI Matrox G200 Quad Display 32 MB (specific model?)

OS:  RedHat 6.1 Linux (we will install)
* 2-Processor SMP *
Display Adapter:  1 AGP Matrox Millenium G400 DUAL HEAD 32 MB (replace base)
Video Capture Cards:
   4 Hauppage Win/TV-radio PCI Model 401 video capture cards (with S-Video)

OS:  RedHat 6.1 Linux (we will install)
1 Processor
Audio Cards:
   3 PCI-128 Sound Blasters Total (base + 2 more)

4. CONTROL COMPUTER (for Gentner control).
OS:  Windows 98 SE
1 Processor
Must have at least one serial port!

5. Miscellaneous  
2 Monitors (compare price 17" CRT and 15" LCD - capable of at least 1024/768)
2 Keyboards
2 3-button Mice

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