Fast cache or large cache for AG computers?

Brian Chee chee at
Fri May 19 14:04:46 CDT 2000

I'm hoping to stay in the mpeg1 world so that software decodes stay a
reality.  However, yeah, I'm thinking inexpensive hardware decodes would be
great under linux would be nice too....

What I'm also thinking about is how to create lurker systems that are VERY
easy to setup.  Set top boxes that receive multicast is what I have in mind.
They would be able to receive but not send.  Be VERY cheap, and be SUPER
easy to setup.  This would be good for administrators that would like to
"stay in the loop" but don't necessarily need to contribute to many of the
conferences.  I'm working on getting my hands on a new Stellar One box that
should do this just fine....will keep the list posted on how well it works.
Since it is based upon NT, it could even run a beacon.

/brian chee

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> Sounds cool!  Is there any way we could leverage the new MPEG decoder
modules in
> the linux world? Maybe we could still get away with commodity items like
> Hollywood MPEG decoder board?
> I'm in...
> Richard C.
> Brian Chee wrote:
> >
> > So, if anyone is at all interested....I've attached a diagram of a
> > testbed I helped to construct at the Networld+Interop show in Las Vegas
> > couple weeks ago.  We got 90% running...the hassle was that the boundry
> > router would not support the transition from DVMRP to
> > MBGP...sigh...everything else worked at broadcast quality MPEG2.
> >
> > /brian chee

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