Fast cache or large cache for AG computers?

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Thu May 18 21:14:29 CDT 2000

This is from a conversation I had with Bob at ANL a couple months ago...the
30 streams (approximate) are 30 H.264 video streams (aka windows) and the
number is from his experience.  The network interface isn't the problem, it
seems to be one of I/O (his words).  Thusly, I'd really like to see what we
can do on a 100mhz bus instead of the older 66mhz bus machines.

I REALLY want to experiment with the new Compaq non-legacy I-paq that has no
legacy accessories and is about $1000.00/each.  At this price I can afford
to give each of my projectors a single machine and since it's the size of a
hard back book...well, life can be interesting if you ask me....

So...this is more of what I'd like to try out in the VERY near future....I'm
actually looking very hard about moving to mpeg on fairly expensive hardware
encoders to see if this system could handle commercial grade video
conferencing.  It would of course stay open source...but it's something I'm
VERY curious about.  Of course, this is a good time to shake some salt onto
the mix...I haven't gotten my equipment in yet for my real life
might modify some of these opinions.  However, I have had LOTS of experience
with multicast video technology, and the AG Node is probably the most
exciting thing I've seen in MANY years.

So, if anyone is at all interested....I've attached a diagram of a multicast
testbed I helped to construct at the Networld+Interop show in Las Vegas a
couple weeks ago.  We got 90% running...the hassle was that the boundry
router would not support the transition from DVMRP to
MBGP...sigh...everything else worked at broadcast quality MPEG2.

/brian chee

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> hello:
> >
> > Bob Olson, Lisa Childers and I had a conversation about this, and it
> > seem that the display machine maxes out at 30 streams.  This would
> > pretty nicely to 30 streams worth of data.
> could you expand on this?  by "stream" do you mean an open window on
> a particular display card.  did you estimate the number "30" from
> experience or did you calculate it from knowing how much data vic is
> sending to the display cards for collections of windows of varying
> sizes?
> alsom, do you have some estimates on how much data the video capture cards
> are sending from each cameral to the CPU and/or memory.
> :michael grobe
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