Fast cache or large cache for AG computers?

Brian Chee chee at
Thu May 18 16:28:18 CDT 2000

I'm looking at the new Intel motherboards that have a dual PCI bus.  The
idea is that the legacy ISA accessories like floppies, mouse, keyboard and
such go on the first PCI bus and a separate PCI buss is for stuff like lan
cards, etc.  The first bus runs at the legacy 66mhz and the second runs at
100mhz.  This is similar to what Netframe did on their line of superservers
and I've seen the results...blazing fast....

Bob Olson, Lisa Childers and I had a conversation about this, and it would
seem that the display machine maxes out at 30 streams.  This would equate
pretty nicely to 30 streams worth of data.  With that extra 34mhz, we might
be able to squeeze in another dozen streams.  Or better yet, maybe look at
mpeg1 for higher quality streams that have the audio muxed into the stream.
This would solve the audio sync problems.

So anyway, this is off the subject of the base thread...but choosing the
newer PIII motherboards with a "front side" PCI bus might be a good choice
for a display machine.

/brian chee

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> Nick,
> The AG nodes are mostly handling streaming data types, so faster is more
> useful than larger...
> --Rick
> At 04:07 PM 5/17/00 , Nickolas S. Jovanovic (501) 569-8226 wrote:
> >I have to purchase our AG computers from my state
> >contract with Dell by this Friday. I already submitted
> >the paperwork for my audio-visual equipment.
> >
> >Does anyone have an opinion about which is more
> >important for the AG computers: a fast cache memory
> >or a large cache memory?
> >
> >There is also the question of SDRAM vs. RDRAM...
> >
> >If you have any suggestions for which computers I
> >should purchase for our AG node, please contact me.
> >
> >-Nick Jovanovic
> >  Department of Systems Engineering
> >  University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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