ACCESS grid event on July 24th

Cynthia Lanius lanius at
Fri Jun 30 14:03:52 CDT 2000

And Roseanne Steckler and Ann Redelfs are participating from San Diego.

So the technical support people who will need to make this happen from the
ACCESS center end are in place and this will happen?



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>>Raquell Holmes of BU is planning to participate (at least, I think this is
>>the same event she mentioned to me earlier; Raquell, please correct me if
>>I'm wrong).
>>- Jennifer
>>On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, Allan Bautista wrote:
>>> Cynthia Lanius will be hosting a GirlTECH session at the ACCESS center
>>> with a group of teachers with the AAUW Eleanor Roosevelt Teaching
>>> Institute.
>>> We were hoping to see participants from UIUC, Boston and SanDiego if
>>> possible.
>>> Who can make it?  Who can we expect to be on the grid?
>>> we can work out venue locations later
>>> Thanks
>>> Al
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