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Fri Jun 23 12:41:29 CDT 2000


Rick Stevens is happy to announce the winner of our AG Logo Contest.  It wasn't
easy, as the entries were really impressive.  Thanks for your time, effort, and
interest in the Logo Contest.  Joe Insley of Argonne National Laboratory
provided the winning entry.  Joe works for our Distributed Systems Laboratory
within MCS.

In order to provide some ease in transitioning to the logo, I will incorporate
a new design to our webpages over the next few days (colors and borders may be
a little off until this is complete).  I have setup a logo images page for easy
stealing of jpgs for your documents, webs, links, etc.  I also took the liberty
of provided several powerpoint presentations that include the new AG logo. 
Feel free to use them or create one of your own.

Any questions, please contact me via email.

Thanks again everyone!

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