PSC and OARnet Connector Brief Outage

Bill Nickless nickless at
Wed Jun 14 13:39:27 CDT 2000

At this time Argonne (AS 683) is still not getting MSDP SAs for sources in 
AS 3112 from Abilene.  Based on it appears that STARTAP is not 
getting those MSDP SAs either.

As the core router proxy is down I 
am unable to see whether the IPLS node is getting any AS 3112 MSDP SAs.

Side note: the outage referenced in the NOC message disrupted a 
conversation between the OSC Chautauqua and the program managers of the NSF 
ITR program at the ACCESS-DC center in Washington DC.  The technology of 
this conversation depends on the use of Abilene IP Multicast as operated by 
the Access Grid suite of hardware and software.  If there is a concern 
about the amount of IP multicast traffic being seen at OSC today, please 
let us know so that we can adjust our expectations appropriately.

Thank you,
   Bill Nickless

At 01:29 PM 6/14/2000 -0500, Abilene NOC wrote:
>SUBJECT:                PSC and OARnet Connector Brief Outage
>SCOPE:                  PSC and OARnet Connectors and their participants
>REASON:                 Software Error
>START TIME:             Wednesday, June 14, 2000, 6:10 PM (1810) GMT
>END TIME:               Wednesday, June 14, 2000, 6:20 PM (1820) GMT
>DESCRIPTION:            PSC and OARnet both were unavailable during the
>                         above time frame due to a software bug in the
>                         rate limit command.  Abilene Network Engineers
>                         removed the rate limit and the interfaces were
>                         restored.
>                         PARTICIPANTS:   Penn SU, CMU, Pitt, U of Akron,
>                         Ohio U, U of Cinn, OSU, Kent SU, CaseW.
>TICKET NO.:             625.924
>If you have any questions, please contact the Network Operations Center.
>Abilene Network Operations Center
>Indiana University
>noc at, 317-278-6622
>Visit the Abilene NOC Home Page:
>                                 ******
>    For administrative requests concerning Abilene-Ops-L, please contact
>    noc at

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