MUDS for Chautauqua

Lisa C. Childers childers at
Mon Jun 12 22:33:24 CDT 2000


The MUD rooms Leslie refers to all exist, and the node ops should
understand where to go based on the names Leslie used.

The Lucky Lab mud room server will be automagically launched by the
virtual venue software, or in a pinch can be manually accessed with, walk to lucky.

The Full Sail room is also a vv mud (, walk to

The Access Grid Hangout room is our big ole comfy mud room, which can be 
accessed through and walking to access.


On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Steven I. Gordon wrote:

> Leslie has the venues updated on the web pages
> For the MUDS she has labels which imply rooms in the MUD that I am not sure 
> exist.  So which MUD are we to be in for each of the sessions?
> Steven I. Gordon
> Ohio Supercomputer Center
> 614-292-4132

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