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Jason Leigh spiff at evl.uic.edu
Mon Jun 12 12:12:23 CDT 2000

More detailed Script for Crayoland walkthrough

For the Crayoland walkthrough demo we'd like  all  node operators to start
out in  the space by  navigating towards  the house (on your right when you
first enter the environment). From there we will walk to the flower bed
(just beyond the pond)  and pick up  flowers. Finally it will be a free for
all where people can navigate off on their own.

Unfortunately  since this  was a quick last minute hack we  do not have a
good  way to distinguish each other in the environment. We  all look like
the same avatar. The avatar in the CAVE however can be identified as the one
with the most flexibility.  Ie the avatar will be waving his hand and
nodding his head an aweful lot.

As  far  as controls. The controls are the  standard CAVE simulator

To navigate: hold  down the space bar and move the mouse in the direction
you want to drive.

To move your arm use the SHIFT key and move the mouse side to side.
You can pick a flower (with great difficulty) by moving your hand near one
and then pressing the left mouse button.

By pressing the t key you can see your update frame rate.

By pressing the h key you will see a  list of key commands appear in the DOS
shell. For the most part you will not need these additional controls but
this is there if you want to be more adventurous.


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> The script you sent out is too general.  Where are all of the operators
> supposed to be when they get to Crayoland?  How will we interact?  What
> controls should we be using?  Where are we supposed to be?
> Please specify
> this.
> Thanks

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